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    Flames Unfiltered - Episode 203
    Calgary Flames Burning Questions

Inside Edge Hockey Media Group

Flames Unfiltered – Episode 203 – Calgary Flames Burning Questions

Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis June 6, 2024

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Calgary Flames Burning Questions

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— EPISODE 203 —

Brad Burud: Host of Flames Unfiltered, Brad Burud is a passionate and knowledgeable Calgary Flames enthusiast. With years of experience in hockey media, he offers unfiltered insights and analysis about the Flames, making his podcast a key destination for fans seeking in-depth discussions about their favorite team.

Kyle Lewis: Host of Flames Unfiltered, Kyle Lewis brings his witty and sharp understanding of hockey to the show. Known for his engaging personality and expertise, Kyle complements Brad’s insights, creating a dynamic duo that resonates well with the Flames fan community.

Episode Summary:

Welcome to an action-packed episode of Flames Unfiltered, hosted by Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis. This episode kicks off with a lively discussion on Booz N Tuna’s new album, the hosts’ personal summer updates, and a heartfelt shout-out to Hunter Brzustewicz recent accolades. The conversation then transitions to the Flames, covering various crucial aspects like the departure of Mark Savard, Michael Stone’s contract signing (wishful thinking), Martin Pospisil’s injury at the World Championships, and a tribute to Danny Flynn’s induction into the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame.

In the core segment, Brad and Kyle dive into their ten burning questions about the Calgary Flames, presenting their perspectives on everything from the team’s playoff prospects and goaltender dynamics to evaluating the performances of players such as Martin Pospisil, Rasmus Andersson, and Andrew Mangiapane. The hosts conclude the episode with some interactive engagement with their audience, ongoing plans for Flames Unfiltered, and a call to action for podcast reviews and ratings. This episode is a comprehensive feast for Flames fandom, blending insightful analysis, lighthearted banter, and passionate hockey talk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Booz N Tuna released an impressive new album, praised by both hosts for its nostalgic 80s rock vibe.
  • Tribute to Hunter Brzustewicz for his recent awards and the promising future ahead.
  • Discussing Mark Savard’s departure due to personnel issues and reflecting on the Flames’ historically weak power play.
  • Analyzing key player hopeful (haha) signings and injuries, including Mickael Stone, Martin Pospisil, and Danny Flynn’s well-deserved recognition.
  • Predictions for the Flames, focusing on playoff homecomings, potential trades, and strategic draft picks.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “We’ve been supporting Booz N Tuna, and they finally dropped their first album – it’s a must-listen for any hard rock fan from the 80s and 90s era.” – Brad Burud
  2. “Being a bit more positive and appreciative of every day has made a huge difference. Life is short, so enjoy every bit of it.” – Kyle Lewis
  3. “I can’t wait for camp to see where Hunter Brzustewicz fits into the Flames’ mix. Awarded and recognized, his future looks bright.” – Brad Burud
  4. “The Flames’ power play was at 17.9% last year, making it 25th in the league – there are significant personnel issues.” – Kyle Lewis
  5. “Given Markstrom’s current market value, a strategic trade with New Jersey might be our best bet.” – Brad Burud


Encourage your passion for Flames hockey by tuning into this episode for a mix of in-depth analysis, player evaluations, and entertaining hosts’ banter. Don’t miss out on Flames Unfiltered’s future episodes – stay engaged, leave your reviews, and keep the Flames spirit alive!

Flames Unfiltered: Insights into Calgary Flames’ Strategy and Future Prospects

Key Takeaways

  • Evaluating general manager Craig Conroy’s first season reveals strategic moves and optimistic potential for future team development.
  • The ongoing question of goaltending stability and how Jacob Markstrom’s performance fits into the Flames’ plans.
  • Significance of nurturing local talent like Martin Pospisil and potential impacts on the Flames’ future lineup.

Evaluating Craig Conroy’s First Year as General Manager

Conroy’s Strategic Moves

Craig Conroy has certainly made waves in his first season as the general manager of the Calgary Flames. The transcript reveals a consensus on his effectiveness in handling trades and team restructuring efforts, despite the conditional picks not panning out. As Kyle Lewis articulates, “I think he maximized. Now, a couple of things towards the end of the season, they kind of just throw in darts, like the trade with San Jose, you know, I don’t know how you couldn’t be. He turned Toffoli into Sharon Govich with 30 goal season; that’s a monster return.”

The trade of Tyler Toffoli and the acquisition of Yegor Sharangovich are notable highlights of Conroy’s early tenure. Despite the loss of some conditional draft picks, the team’s future seems secure with strategic player acquisitions. Conroy’s approach demonstrates prudence and an eye for talent, a trait that will be indispensable if the Flames aim to make an impactful return to the playoffs.

Managing Expectations

Fan expectations can sometimes soar beyond realistic projections, but Conroy’s moves have largely aligned with logical steps toward a more competitive roster. Even amidst criticisms related to players like Noah Hanifin and Rasmus Andersson, Conroy’s approach has remained consistent with a vision for a balanced team. “Given the set of circumstances, given the contractual obligations, what more did you think Conroy was going to be able to do?” Lewis questions. This sentiment encapsulates the broader fanbase struggle between dreaming big and staying grounded in the realities of contract limitations and market conditions.

Goaltending Conundrum: Markstrom, Vladar, and Wolf

Stability in the Crease

One of the lingering questions for the Calgary Flames revolves around their goaltending situation. The discussions in the transcript highlight the varying options that lie ahead for the Flames, from sticking with the experienced Jacob Markstrom to giving the younger Dustin Wolf a shot. As Brad Burud notes, “The only way I trade Markstrom is if we’re going to get maximum value. And I still worry that that’s probably. There’s probably three teams realistically that are interested, right?”

The performance and future role of Markstrom remain significant points of contemplation. Balancing his experience with the emergent potential of Dustin Wolf could present a dual strategy that ensures both immediate security and long-term growth.

Impact of Performance Variability

Performance variability, especially in goalies, can significantly influence a team’s journey through a season. The transcript discusses potential trades and the importance of finding a stable partner for Wolf, whether it’s keeping Markstrom or bringing in another experienced goalie. Burud’s mention of Markstrom potentially being attractive to teams like New Jersey further emphasizes that strategic moves need to be backed by clear potential returns. “If it was Markstrom-Wolf, I’d probably be happy. If it was Wolf-Vladar, I’d probably be happy,” Burud adds, delineating the openness and adaptability required in goaltending decisions.

Nurturing Talent and First-Year Standouts

Martin Pospisil’s Emergence

Martin Pospisil stands out as a beacon of hope for the Flames’ future. His surprising impact last season provides a nuanced look into player development and potential. As Lewis praises, “Martin Pospisil. Absolute stud and was more skilled than even I had expected.” This acclaim underlines the necessity for patience and keen observation in developing young talent.

Pospisil’s trajectory demonstrates how unexpected players can rise to prominence and make significant contributions. His ability to integrate into the team and provide noteworthy performances speaks volumes to the scouting and developmental programs within the organization.

The Value of New Additions

The transcript also discusses other significant first-year success stories, such as Sharangovich, who impressed many despite initial doubts. “Aaron Goldish, first year with the team,” as highlighted by Burud, exemplifies the importance of new additions meshing well with the existing roster to create a more cohesive and effective team dynamic. The Flames’ ability to integrate new players quickly and efficiently will be crucial as they look to retool and compete at higher levels.

Sharangovich’s development and integration reflect back on Conroy’s strategic moves, validating his approach to player acquisition and team composition. This keen eye for talent, particularly from other franchises, could be a pivotal factor in Calgary’s future successes.

Future Directions and Fan Expectations

As the Flames eye the upcoming season, several factors will determine their trajectory, from strategic trades to nurturing emerging talent. The discussions extend towards potential offseason moves and how they could redefine the team’s fortune.

Balancing History with Fresh Perspectives

The idea of trading up in the draft to secure Deja Ginla also came up, showcasing a blend of historical reverence and future gazing. “If we traded our first-rounder and our first-rounder we’re getting from Vancouver, which I believe is like 24, if we traded both of those for the fifth pick to Montreal, would you be happy?” Burud questions. This hypothetical trade scenario encapsulates the balancing act Conroy faces between immediate satisfaction for fans and strategic long-term planning.

On-Field and Off-Field Developments

Fan engagement extends beyond the ice. Initiatives like engaging young fans, promoting local hockey culture, and maintaining a communicative presence through merchandise and media outreach are equally crucial. As the podcast has exemplified, fostering a community that feels connected to the team’s journey can amplify support and dedication. The joy from fans receiving something as simple as a signed picture reflects the unifying power of shared passion.

A New Dawn for the Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames’ previous season has been a mix of strategic moves, on-ice surprises, and ongoing battles for stability. Conroy’s leadership has shown promise, marked by smart trades and an emphasis on developing young talent. Goaltending stability and nurturing new players like Martin Pospisil are key themes as the Flames look to rebound and compete fiercely in upcoming seasons.

Supporting local and international fans, managing expectations, and continuously refining the team’s roster will be pivotal steps for Conroy and the entire Flames organization. Echoing the sentiment of Lewis and Burud, the Flames’ future is one of calculated optimism, ever-poised to make strides towards a brighter, more competitive horizon.




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Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis

Flames Unfiltered features two passionate and opinionated hosts. Brad Burud has been with the show since the beginning and was the creator of the show. A Flames fan since 1986 he brings the old school approach to the show. As a Theoren Fleury and Mikka Kiprusoff fan he longs for the playoff runs he watched decades ago. Kyle Lewis joined the show for the start of season four. A Flames fan since the 90’s, Kyle is a huge collector of Calgary game-worn jerseys. Jarome Iginla was the hero for the Flames when Kyle started this journey and Iginla will always be a favorite. Kyle hopes this year’s version of the Flames can bring him the happiness he felt when Gelinas scored the overtime game winner over Detroit. Thanks for joining us. Sit back and enjoy some Flames hockey talk.

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