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    Flames Unfiltered - Episode 202
    Flames Makin and Missin the Grade

NHL Draft Lottery

Flames Unfiltered – Episode 201 – Brzustewicz: The Flames Defensive Future

Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis April 29, 2024

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Brzustewicz: The Flames Defensive Future

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— EPISODE 201 —

Hunter Brzustewicz is a rising star and a notable prospect in the Calgary Flames organization. With a noteworthy performance in the OHL, playing for the Kitchener Rangers, Brzustewicz has made a name for himself as an offensively gifted defenseman. He has led his league with 79 assists and ranked in the top ten for points during the season. Brzustewicz’s potential on the blue line makes him an exciting prospect for the Flames’ future, especially after a trade that brought significant attention to his capabilities and potential as a key piece in the team’s roster.

Episode Summary:

In this special edition of Flames Unfiltered, hosts Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis sit down with Calgary Flames prospect Hunter Brzustewicz to discuss his journey through hockey, his recent accomplishments, and his future with the Flames. The conversation reveals Hunter’s mindset after being included in a major NHL trade and his excitement about joining Calgary. The episode offers an intimate look at his game, drawing comparisons to other NHL defensemen and delving into his off-ice interests, such as his affinity for Lego building.

The discussion transitions into a thorough look at the Calgary Flames’ current state, their potential draft positions, and the need for skillful players to bolster their roster. The hosts also touch upon the Calgary Wranglers’ performance and other up-and-coming prospects who may impact the Flames in the near future. With the NHL draft lottery and offseason strategies on the horizon, fans are given a glimpse of the Flames’ approach to rebuilding and strengthening their team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hunter Brzustewicz, an offensively talented defenseman with the Kitchener Rangers, is poised to bring skill and potential to the Calgary Flames’ blue line.
  • The NHL trade that brought Brzustewicz to Calgary is seen as a significant move for the Flames, showcasing their investment in his future with the team.
  • Brzustewicz identifies areas of his game he wishes to improve, including his defensive play, while aiming to make the transition to professional hockey smoothly.
  • The Calgary Wranglers, the AHL affiliate of the Flames, and their playoff performance are a key focus, highlighting several prospects that might make the jump to the NHL.
  • With the NHL draft lottery set for May 7, the episode emphasizes Calgary’s need for skillful playmakers to enhance their lineup for the coming seasons.

Notable Quotes:

  • “It would be kind of cool to be part of an NHL trade. And I got my wish, I guess.” – Hunter Brzustewicz
  • “Learning how pros go about their game and off the ice. Just showing up to the rink and whatever it is. Preparing yourself for workouts and skates.” – Hunter Brzustewicz
  • “You don’t get a plus-minus in Kitchener playing against quality teams that they play against on accident.” – Brad Burud
  • “We need a driver, we need a number one center that’ll, that’ll draw our number two one two center that’ll drive a line.” – Brad Burud
  • “Hopefully I can do my best to show what I’m capable of and I’m just gonna give it my all.” – Hunter Brzustewicz

Tune in to this inspiring and insightful episode of Flames Unfiltered to hear directly from Hunter Brzustewicz and get the hosts’ in-depth analysis of the Calgary Flames’ prospects. Don’t forget to subscribe for more engaging hockey talks as we navigate the fascinating journey towards the upcoming NHL seasons.

The Future on Flames’ Blue Line: An Insightful Dialogue with Prospect Hunter Brzustewicz

Calgary Flames fans are always on the lookout for upcoming talent that promises to revamp the team’s dynamics. In an enlightening episode of Flames Unfiltered, Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis delve into an in-depth conversation with prospect Hunter Brzustewicz, offering a glimpse into his transition to the organization, his journey through the leagues, and the potential he carries as a future defenseman for the Flames.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hunter Brzustewicz talks about his offensive strengths and areas for growth in defense.
  • Insights into Brzustewicz’s personal transition after being traded and his plans for further development.
  • The implications of roster openings and the organizational focus for the Flames.

A Prospect’s Journey and Developmental Path

A standout theme of the dialogue was Brzustewicz’s transition from the US development program to the CHL and eventually being traded to the Flames. His decision to move to the CHL instead of college was influenced by a desire for more ice time and game experience.

“I needed to catch up on games and ice time. Going to Kitchener…it was like two college seasons in one and triple the time I would play.” – Hunter Brzustewicz

Brzustewicz’s choice reflects a growing trend among young players to select routes that maximize development opportunities, signaling a shift in perceptions about the best pathways to professional hockey.

The Trade and Adaptation to a New Team

Discussing the blockbuster trade from Vancouver and his surprise at being part of the deal, Brzustewicz expressed initial shock and a natural hesitance toward the unexpected move. However, connecting with the Calgary organization quickly turned those feelings into excitement and opportunity.

“Honestly, when it first happened… I didn’t really know what to expect of Calgary…But then, everyone was just telling me how great the organization and city is.” – Hunter Brzustewicz

The discussion highlights the mental aspects of trades for players and underscores the importance of supportive environments in helping prospects adapt.

The Future of Flames’ Defense

Many fascinating insights surfaced about Brzustewicz’s potential impact on Calgary’s blue line. As a prospect with significant offensive prowess, he exemplifies the type of defenseman teams eagerly seek to drive their power play and contribute to scoring from the defense.

“Definitely led the league in assists and was in the top ten in points. Hard to argue those numbers in a league like the OHL.” – Brad Burud

The conversation underscores how a single player’s maturation can ripple through the lineup, offering the Flames potential solutions to their search for robust defense and playmaking capabilities.

The Rookie’s Outlook and Personality

Brzustewicz’s responses revealed a prospect with a mature head on his shoulders, aware of the improvements needed in his game, and an enthusiasm for embracing the grind of professional hockey. His aspirations seamlessly align with the Flames’ philosophy, emphasizing growth, both professionally and personally.

“Learning how pros go about their game… Preparing yourself for workouts and skates. That’s… the biggest thing in transition.” – Hunter Brzustewicz

Additionally, glimpses into his life and hobbies, including the peculiar mention of Lego building, add dimensions to his character that fans and teammates can connect with, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for when he steps onto Saddledome ice.

Recapping an Enlightening Hockey Dialogue

From the onset, the candid conversation with Brzustewicz sets a tone of anticipation for the Flames’ future lineup. The prospect’s discerning self-awareness, mirrored by Brad and Kyle’s analytical queries, presents a promise of skill advancement for the team’s defensive cohort. Amid roster fluctuations, Brzustewicz exemplifies a new wave of hockey talent — one that is sagacious, agile, and forged by varied experiences in the North American leagues.

The dialogue left listeners with a renewed sense of confidence in the Flames’ scouting and development, and a captivating storyline to follow as Brzustewicz embarks on his venture with Calgary. The Flames’ blue line, with an injection of his caliber, may expect an innovation shaped by his on-ice acumen and off-ice sensibility — an exciting prospect for the franchise and its fanbase.




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Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis

Flames Unfiltered features two passionate and opinionated hosts. Brad Burud has been with the show since the beginning and was the creator of the show. A Flames fan since 1986 he brings the old school approach to the show. As a Theoren Fleury and Mikka Kiprusoff fan he longs for the playoff runs he watched decades ago. Kyle Lewis joined the show for the start of season four. A Flames fan since the 90’s, Kyle is a huge collector of Calgary game-worn jerseys. Jarome Iginla was the hero for the Flames when Kyle started this journey and Iginla will always be a favorite. Kyle hopes this year’s version of the Flames can bring him the happiness he felt when Gelinas scored the overtime game winner over Detroit. Thanks for joining us. Sit back and enjoy some Flames hockey talk.

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