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    Flames Unfiltered - Episode 206
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Kyle Lewis

Flames Unfiltered – Episode 195 – Stop Overanalyzing Dustin Wolf

Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis March 21, 2024

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Stop Overanalyzing Dustin Wolf

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— EPISODE 195 —

In this episode, Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis continue their candid discussions on Calgary Flames hockey, delving into the latest happenings surrounding the team. Brad Burud is an established voice in the Flames community with a deep understanding of the game and a history of involvement in junior hockey. Kyle Lewis, sharing a similar fervor for hockey discourse, often brings unique insights, making their exchanges a must-listen for any Flames fan or follower of the NHL.

Episode Summary:

In this engaging edition of Flames Unfiltered, Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis tackle an array of topics centered around the Calgary Flames. From team performance to exciting new prospects, their dialogue captures the highs and lows of being a dedicated fan. The conversation begins with new arrivals in the mail, sparking a discussion on Ryan Pike’s book on Flames’ draft history, and progresses into a reflection on team prospects and their significance for the future.

Burud and Lewis offer a compelling snapshot of Flames fandom, touching on the anticipation for new talent like Sam Morton and Hunter Brustovich, while also candidly assessing current players’ performances. The show seamlessly weaves in humor and personal anecdotes that keep listeners hooked as the pair analyze the implications of recent games and player movements including Jacob Pelletier’s shift to the Wrangler’s.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reflections on Ryan Pike’s in-depth book about the Calgary Flames’ draft history, illustrating the importance of understanding a team’s past decisions.
  • Analysis of the Flames’ current roster situation, including candid opinions on players like Andrew Mangiapane and Dustin Wolf.
  • Excitement over new signee Sam Morton and Hunter Brustovich, emphasizing the potential growth and contribution to the team.
  • The nuanced consideration of the legacy factor in possibly drafting TJ Iginla, balancing sentiment with the practicalities of team needs.
  • Remembrance of Chris Simon, a former Flames player who recently passed away, reflecting on his impact and the challenges many athletes face post-career.

Notable Quotes:

  • “I’ve read a few chapters so far, and the amount of research that Ryan put into this is absolutely. And it’s. It’s so much more than just like a year by, like. It’s really interesting.” – Kyle Lewis on Ryan Pike’s new book.
  • “I expect an NHL goalie to make the stops he needs to make.” – Brad Burud on expectations for Flames’ goaltender Dustin Wolf.
  • “If you trade a guy like him and he carries himself just day to day with the media, with his teammates, the same way his father did, too much so.”
  • “He was a huge part of 2004 Flames run.” – Kyle Lewis remembering Chris Simon.
  • “If this doesn’t work out, that’s not a good thing.” – Brad Burud

Join Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis for this insightful installment of Flames Unfiltered, offering a profound understanding of Calgary Flames hockey that both informs and entertains. Their engaging banter and deep dive into the intricacies of the team’s dynamics promise an episode that’s as enlightening as it is enjoyable. Don’t forget to listen to the full episode for an in-depth experience and stay tuned for more Flames hockey talk.

Unpacking the Future of Calgary Flames Hockey: Insights from Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis

As the NHL season unfolds with its twists and turns, fans across the league have their eyes fixed on how their respective teams perform, adapt, and strategize for future glory. For Calgary Flames enthusiasts, discussions led by Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis provide in-depth analysis of the team’s trajectory, player developments, and intricacies of the sport that is both insightful and thought-provoking.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dustin Wolf’s performance and future as the Flames’ goalie arouse mixed emotions, touching on the need for patience in grooming young talents.
  • The placement and potential of prospects, including the impact of AHL developments on Flames’ future, are critical to roster building.
  • Feel-good narratives like drafting TJ Ginla pose exciting yet risky decisions that must weigh nostalgia against strategic drafting.

Evaluating Dustin Wolf: The Flames’ Goalie Conundrum

The quandary of goaltending in Calgary has ignited debates among fans and experts alike. With current goalie Jacob Markstrom’s roller-coaster performance and the budding presence of Dustin Wolf, the dilemma sharpens. Brad and Kyle juxtapose the future with the present, pondering whether it’s time for the Flames to put their trust in Wolf as they march towards reconstruction.

Brad expresses a clear detachment from the predilection toward Wolf’s size, calling for a focus on his abilities. Kyle brings a historical perspective, comparing Wolf’s trajectory to iconic goalies like Marc-Andre Fleury, contextualizing his growth with stats that mirror Fleury’s early career. This discussion points to the broader challenge of patience in developing young talents amidst the urgency of NHL competitiveness.

“I don’t really care if he’s six six or five two. I expect an NHL goalie to make the stops he needs to make.” – Brad Burud

The takeaway here stresses not only the availability of talent but also the process of nurturing it, foreshadowing the delicate balancing act of long-term roster planning.

Prospects on the Horizon: Building for the Future

A discussion on prospects and development invariably weaves into the fabric of any rebuilding phase. The conversation shifts from Wolf to other promising youths like Connor Zary, who hasn’t seen much NHL ice time lately, and Hunter Brustovich, whose signing confirms Flames’ focus on future potential. Then there is the curious case of Jakob Pelletier and his assignment to the AHL, raising questions about his trajectory with the team.

Brad and Kyle argue for the importance of AHL playoffs as a foundational experience for young prospects. The depth and diversity of talent challenging for spots shape a team’s character, adding layers of competition that are essential for player growth and team evolution.

“He’s showing signs of greatness and signs of… Shittiness, albeit … An NHL goalie needs to stop [certain shots].” – Brad Burud, discussing Wolf

This dialectical view emphasizes the dynamic nature of the Flames’ pipeline, hinting at the turbulence and rewards of developing talent within a hockey organization.

The Heartwarming Temptation: Drafting TJ Iginla

Amidst the conversation’s strategical analysis, nostalgia and sentimentality peek through with the mention of TJ Iginla’s drafting prospects. The thought of TJ, son of the Flames’ legend Jerome Iginla, donning the familiar jersey, evokes a potent mix of excitement and apprehension within the fanbase. However, Brad is conscious of not letting emotions cloud judgment, reminding listeners that feel-good stories should not compromise the pragmatic aspects of drafting.

The broader implication here is undeniable; drafting decisions can profoundly impact a franchise’s direction. The potential recruitment of TJ Iginla embodies the intersection of heritage and meritocracy in sports, teasing a feel-good narrative that must nonetheless pass the scrutiny of applicable talent evaluation.

“If we’re drafting him because his last name is Iginla… Come on, let’s put that to rest.” – Brad Burud

Recapping the conversation, the tone pivots towards critical foresight – the vitality of careful advancement discussions around prospects and their fit within the team’s fabric.

Past the markers of the present season, the talk of goaltending predicaments, the development of prospects like Dustin Wolf and the drafting expectations of a legacy like T.J. Iginla, Calgary Flames fans and commentators, like Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis, are left sifting through a fine balance of sentimentality and strategy; the nostalgia of what was and the foresight of what could be. Each game, decision, and player progression is another chapter in the Flames’ saga, etching either moments of glory or lessons to be reflected.




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Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis

Flames Unfiltered features two passionate and opinionated hosts. Brad Burud has been with the show since the beginning and was the creator of the show. A Flames fan since 1986 he brings the old school approach to the show. As a Theoren Fleury and Mikka Kiprusoff fan he longs for the playoff runs he watched decades ago. Kyle Lewis joined the show for the start of season four. A Flames fan since the 90’s, Kyle is a huge collector of Calgary game-worn jerseys. Jarome Iginla was the hero for the Flames when Kyle started this journey and Iginla will always be a favorite. Kyle hopes this year’s version of the Flames can bring him the happiness he felt when Gelinas scored the overtime game winner over Detroit. Thanks for joining us. Sit back and enjoy some Flames hockey talk.

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