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    Flames Unfiltered - Episode 192
    Dallas Lands the Warrior

Kyle Lewis

Flames Unfiltered – Episode 180 – The Power Play Puzzle: Why Can’t the Flames Find the Net?

Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis November 30, 2023

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The Power Play Puzzle: Why Can’t the Flames Find the Net?

Listen to “Flames Unfiltered – Episode 180 – The Power Play Puzzle: Why Can’t the Flames Find the Net?” on Spreaker.

— EPISODE 180 —

Kyle Lewis and Brad Burud discuss the possibility of trading Chris Tanev, the Flames’ power play struggles, and the team’s upcoming schedule. They also touch on the performance of AJ Greer, the future of the Flames’ defense, and the potential return of injured players.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Flames may consider trading Chris Tanev due to concerns about his injury history and the potential for a long-term contract.
  • The team’s power play has been struggling due to poor puck movement, lack of finish, and personnel deployment issues.
  • The Flames have a challenging schedule ahead and may need to make moves to strengthen their defense.
  • AJ Greer has been a successful waiver pickup and could be a valuable asset for the Flames.
  • The Flames’ roster is becoming crowded with prospects, and decisions will need to be made about who to keep and who to trade.


  • “I’m so deathly afraid of him getting injured now and us getting zero for this.” – Brad Burud
  • “The Flames purportedly stopping trade talks is not the same as stopping extension talks.” – Kyle Lewis
  • “We can’t lose Tanev, Hanifin, and Zadorov. We have to sign one or two.” – Robo @flamesstamps

The Future of the Calgary Flames: A Closer Look at Key Themes

By Brad Burud

The Calgary Flames have been a topic of much discussion and speculation in recent weeks. With the trade deadline approaching and the team’s performance on the ice improving, there are many questions surrounding the future of the Flames. In this article, we will delve into some of the key themes that have emerged from recent conversations and explore their implications for the team moving forward.

The Uncertainty Surrounding Chris Tanev

One of the most pressing concerns for Flames fans is the future of defenseman Chris Tanev. While Tanev has been a valuable asset for the team, there are concerns about his injury history and the potential risk of losing him for nothing in the future. Brad Burud, a passionate Flames fan, expressed his fear of Tanev getting injured and the team not receiving any compensation if they were to let him go. He stated, “I am so deathly afraid of him getting injured now and us getting zero for this when I would be, as much as I love him, afraid to resign him long term.”

Kyle Lewis, the host of the conversation, acknowledged Tanev’s value but also highlighted the distinction between trade talks and extension talks. He noted, “I don’t think stopping trade talks because of improved performance is the same thing as talking extensions.” This suggests that while the Flames may be open to trading Tanev for the right offer, they may be hesitant to commit to a long-term extension due to concerns about his injury history.

The Need for Defensive Depth

Another theme that emerged from the conversation was the importance of maintaining defensive depth on the team. Robo, a Flames fan, expressed his concern about losing Tanev, Noah Hanifin, and Nikita Zadorov without having suitable replacements in place. He argued, “You can’t lose Tanev, Hanifin, and Zadorov. You have to sign one or two, in my opinion. Not enough talent in-house to fill big gaps.”

This sentiment was echoed by Kyle Lewis, who acknowledged the potential gap in the defensive lineup if these players were to be traded without acquiring suitable replacements. He stated, “If we do move all three of those guys, we are weak in the cupboards on defense. We literally will have to sign people to play defense. We have to acquire defensemen to be able to fill those gaps.”

This raises important questions about the Flames’ strategy leading up to the trade deadline. While there may be interest in trading these players for prospects and picks, the team will need to carefully consider the impact on their defensive depth and explore potential trade options that address this concern.

The Emergence of Young Talent

Despite the uncertainty surrounding certain players, there has been a positive development for the Flames in the form of young talent stepping up. AJ Greer, a waiver pickup, was highlighted as a fantastic addition to the team. Kyle Lewis praised Greer’s performance and noted, “He’s really reinventing himself with the Flames in terms of adding a little more of an offensive dimension and just being a really effective forward.”

The emergence of young players like Greer and Connor Zary has provided a glimmer of hope for the Flames’ future. However, this also presents a challenge in terms of roster management. With the return of injured players like Glenn Gawdin and the potential call-up of prospects like Jakob Pelletier and Matt Coronato, the Flames will need to make difficult decisions about ice time and roster spots.

The Power Play Struggles

One area of concern for the Flames that was discussed in the conversation was their struggling power play. Brad Burud questioned Kyle Lewis about the reasons behind the power play’s lack of success, to which Lewis attributed it to poor puck movement, zone entries, and a lack of finish. He also highlighted the need for defensemen to be more active in the power play to improve its effectiveness.

The power play struggles have been a source of frustration for Flames fans, and it will be crucial for the coaching staff to address these issues and find solutions. The success of the power play can have a significant impact on the team’s overall performance and ability to secure crucial wins.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

The future of the Calgary Flames is filled with uncertainty and potential opportunities. The team faces important decisions regarding the roster, particularly with regards to key players like Chris Tanev and Noah Hanifin. The need for defensive depth and the emergence of young talent further complicate these decisions.

As the trade deadline approaches, the Flames will need to carefully consider their options and weigh the short-term gains against the long-term implications. The power play struggles also require attention and adjustments to maximize the team’s offensive potential.

While the road ahead may be challenging, the Flames have shown signs of improvement and have the potential to compete for a playoff spot. The decisions made in the coming weeks will shape the team’s future and determine their ability to contend in the seasons to come. Flames fans can only hope that the organization makes the right moves to position the team for success.


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Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis

Flames Unfiltered features two passionate and opinionated hosts. Brad Burud has been with the show since the beginning and was the creator of the show. A Flames fan since 1986 he brings the old school approach to the show. As a Theoren Fleury and Mikka Kiprusoff fan he longs for the playoff runs he watched decades ago. Kyle Lewis joined the show for the start of season four. A Flames fan since the 90’s, Kyle is a huge collector of Calgary game-worn jerseys. Jarome Iginla was the hero for the Flames when Kyle started this journey and Iginla will always be a favorite. Kyle hopes this year’s version of the Flames can bring him the happiness he felt when Gelinas scored the overtime game winner over Detroit. Thanks for joining us. Sit back and enjoy some Flames hockey talk.

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