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    Flames Unfiltered - Episode 202
    Flames Makin and Missin the Grade

Vancouver Canucks

Flames Unfiltered – Episode 178 – Zadorov’s Unprofessional Trade Request

Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis November 16, 2023

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Zadorov’s Unprofessional Trade Request

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— EPISODE 178 —

Brad and Kyle discuss the current state of the Calgary Flames and their struggles this season. They talk about the lack of progress from certain players and the need for improvement. They also discuss the entertainment value of watching the team and the hope that comes from having young players in the lineup. The hosts express their frustration with the team’s performance and the possibility of a rebuild. They also discuss the Flames’ chances of making the playoffs and the need for a significant improvement in their play. The hosts touch on the recent news about Nazem Kadri not wanting to be part of a rebuild and the team’s struggles to find consistency. They also discuss the upcoming schedule and the importance of the next few games for the team’s season. The hosts end the episode by discussing the recent induction of Mike Vernon into the Hockey Hall of Fame and the importance of Hockey Fights Cancer Month.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Flames’ struggles this season have been disappointing, with many players failing to show improvement from last year.
  • The presence of young players like Connor Zary and Martin Pospisil has been a bright spot for the team.
  • The team’s chances of making the playoffs are slim, and they may need to consider a rebuild.
  • The upcoming schedule will be crucial in determining the direction of the team’s season.
  • Mike Vernon’s induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame is well-deserved and highlights his successful career.


  • “You can’t be a ten and a half million dollar player and need somebody else to play with to be productive.” – Kyle Lewis
  • “The injection of youth into the roster is crucial for the team’s success.” – Kyle Lewis

Flames Unfiltered: Zadorov’s Unprofessional Trade Request

By Brad Burud and Kyle Lewis

Welcome to another edition of Flames Unfiltered, where we dive deep into the world of the Calgary Flames. In this episode, we discuss the current state of the team, the struggles of certain players, and the potential implications for the future. Let’s jump right in.

Anticipated Surprises

As we reflect on the season so far, it’s clear that the Flames have not had the start they anticipated. However, are we really that surprised? The struggles of certain players, who have made no progress in ending their previous struggles, have been disappointing. But amidst the disappointment, there have been some positive surprises. Players like Mangiapane have shown improvement, and the injection of youth into the lineup has brought hope and entertainment to the games.

The Kadri Rebuild Controversy

One topic that has been circulating recently is Nazem Kadri’s apparent reluctance to be part of a rebuild. While this may not come as a surprise, it is worth noting that he signed a seven-year deal with the Flames with the expectation of being part of a competitive team. However, the solution is simple: play better. Kadri needs to step up and lead his teammates to avoid being in this predicament.

The Road Ahead

Looking at the Flames’ remaining games, it’s clear that the road to the playoffs will be challenging. The team would need to play at a high level to reach the desired 95 points. However, in the competitive Western Conference, even 95 points may not guarantee a playoff spot. The Flames will need to aim for 100 points to have a realistic chance.

The Rise of the Young Guns

Amidst the struggles, the play of Connor Zary and Martin Pospisil has been a bright spot. Zary’s presence of mind and creativity on the ice have been impressive, while Pospisil’s physicality and point production have been noteworthy. These young players have exceeded expectations and brought much-needed energy to the team. Their emergence highlights the importance of incorporating youth into the roster.

The Huberdeau Dilemma

One player who has been a major disappointment this season is Jonathan Huberdeau. His lackluster performance and slow pace of play have been concerning. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact cause of his decline, but it’s clear that something needs to change. Whether it’s a mental block or a lack of chemistry with his teammates, Huberdeau’s struggles have become a major issue for the Flames.

The Zadorov Debacle

Another controversy that has emerged is the situation with Nikita Zadorov and his agent. Zadorov’s unprofessional behavior and public criticism of his teammates have only added to the team’s woes. It’s clear that he is part of the problem in the locker room, and his actions have handcuffed the team. The Flames should look to trade him as soon as possible to remove the distraction.

The Trade Deadline Looms

As the season progresses, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Flames will need to make some major changes. Whether they go on a winning streak or not, it’s essential to cash in on pending UFAs and acquire assets for the future. The team needs to focus on incorporating younger talent and building a competitive roster.

The Future Outlook

The next few weeks will be crucial for the Flames. The upcoming schedule is challenging, and it will determine the direction of the season. If the team fails to go on a winning streak, it’s time to start selling off assets and planning for the future. The injection of youth and the development of prospects like Dustin Wolf and Jakob Pelletier will be key in shaping the team’s future success.


While the Flames have faced their fair share of struggles this season, there have been some positive surprises. The emergence of young players like Zary and Pospisil has brought hope and entertainment to the games. However, the struggles of veterans like Huberdeau and Zadorov have been concerning. The team needs to make some major changes and focus on incorporating youth into the roster. The upcoming weeks will be crucial in determining the team’s future. It’s time to embrace the challenges and plan for a brighter future for the Calgary Flames.


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Brad Burud/Kyle Lewis

Flames Unfiltered features two passionate and opinionated hosts. Brad Burud has been with the show since the beginning and was the creator of the show. A Flames fan since 1986 he brings the old school approach to the show. As a Theoren Fleury and Mikka Kiprusoff fan he longs for the playoff runs he watched decades ago. Kyle Lewis joined the show for the start of season four. A Flames fan since the 90’s, Kyle is a huge collector of Calgary game-worn jerseys. Jarome Iginla was the hero for the Flames when Kyle started this journey and Iginla will always be a favorite. Kyle hopes this year’s version of the Flames can bring him the happiness he felt when Gelinas scored the overtime game winner over Detroit. Thanks for joining us. Sit back and enjoy some Flames hockey talk.

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